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How long does it take to get a book printed and how much does it cost?
We need to know the length of the manuscript, the number of copies, layout, type of binding, colour scheme, etc. If you already have a production-ready file, the printing will take 1-3 weeks – it depends on the technical parameters. We make a calculation for each order taking into account the above mentioned parameters.

What do I have to do to turn a manuscript into a book?
First, each manuscript needs to be edited, academic publications will also need to be peer reviewed; the next step is layout and cover design. It is not always necessary to print the book; an e-book may sometimes do instead.  

Do you also publish manuscripts submitted from outside University of Tartu?
The trademark of the University of Tartu Press is only applied to (edited, peer-reviewed) books of high quality regardless of their authors’ institutional affiliation.

What is the minimum number of copies you print?
We can print as few as one book. Hardcover books need to be printed with a large offset printing press, which means that orders smaller than 500 copies can be fulfilled, but they are relatively expensive.

What do you print?
We mainly produce books and brochures, but we also print forms, invitation cards, leaflets, advertising printed matter, etc. In case we are unable to produce the required items ourselves, we use the services provided by our contractors.

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