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Design and printing services

In addition to publishing academic books and journals, University of Tartu Press offers various design and print services.

We design your teaching materials and information booklets and offer digital printing services. If you already have your own design ready, we can produce small prints on the same day. For larger posters we use a plotter with the width of 1.3 meters.

You can order:

  • teaching materials
  • books and journals
  • handouts, booklets, flyers
  • certificates, diplomas, invitations
  • business cards
  • banners, logos
  • postcards, gift cards
  • advertisements
  • stickers

We offer lamination and various bindings (e.g. hardcover, perfect binding, wire stitching, spiral binding) for printed material, and also print on textile. If need be, we also organize transport to your address.

For information on graphic design and printing services, please email us at

For information on academic publishing (including PhD theses) and book sales, please contact us at The publications of the University of Tartu Press (excluding PhD theses) are also on sale at our office, 3 Lossi Street, Tartu. You can pay in cash or with a credit card.

Acta Slavica Estonica

Acta Slavica Estonica

Academic journals

Academic journals published by the University of Tartu Press

Membership in organizations

Membership in organizations