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Studia Philosophica Estonica

Studia Philosophica Estonica (SPE) is an academic peer-reviewed journal open to contributions from any country and in all areas of philosophy. The journal publishes scholarly articles in English, German, and Estonian.

The purpose of Studia Philosophica Estonica is to publish scholarly papers and notes embodying original research in all areas of philosophy. We encourage interdisciplinary contributions and submissions that use new approaches to elucidate their topic, provided they confirm to the contemporary standards of scientific rigor. Detailed treatments of specific themes are also welcome. We also publish book notices and reviews.

Despite its name the journal is not restricted to contributors from Estonia. We encourage all interested parties to take part in its development. If you are interested in publishing in SPE, you are welcome to contact the editors using either e-mail or postal address. Be sure to check the guidelines for contributors before submitting your article, if your submission answers to a specific call for papers, check the relevant call for a specification of submission guidelines.

Studia Philosophica Estonica is published primarily as an online journal. After the acceptance decision is made, papers are immediately published in their final form. This concerns in particular all papers received through open submission, i.e. submissions to SPE that do not answer a specific call for papers for a special issue. Special issues, unlike the open submissions, will continue to be published in "one package."

Editors: Roomet Jakapi (Editor-in-Chief), Daniel Cohnitz (theoretical philosophy), Eduard Parhomenko (history of philosophy), Kadri Simm (practical philosophy), Mats Volberg (Managing Editor)

Advisory Board: Jüri Allik (University of Tartu), Ruth Chadwick (Cardiff University), Günter Figal (University of Freiburg), Matti Häyry (University of Manchester), Ülo Kaevats (Tallinn University of Technology), Eero Loone (University of Tartu), Endla Lõhkivi (University of Tartu), Ülo Matjus (University of Tartu), Arne Merilai (University of Tartu), Jürgen Mittelstrass (University of Konstanz), Peeter Müürsepp (International University Audentes, Tallinn University of Technology), Ilkka Niiniluoto (University of Helsinki), Herlinde Pauer-Studer (University of Vienna), John Perry (Stanford University, CSLI), Dag Prawitz (Stockholm University), John Sallis (Boston College), Andres Soosaar (University of Tartu), Leonid Stolovitš (University of Tartu), Margit Sutrop (University of Tartu), Jan Szaif (UC Davis), Rein Vihalemm (University of Tartu), Peter Trawny (University of Wuppertal), Tõnu Viik (Tallinn University), Jonathan Wolff (University College London).

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ISSN: 1736-5899 (online), 1406-0000 (print)
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