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Journal of Estonian and Finno-Ugrian Linguistics

The Journal of Estonian and Finno-Ugric Linguistics (Eesti ja soome-ugri keeleteaduse ajakiri) publishes linguistic articles and large-scale studies on Estonian and other Finno-Ugric languages, as well as special theme issues. Papers on general linguistics are published only when they draw on data from the Estonian or other Finno-Ugric languages or when the treatment is important for the study of Estonian and other Finno-Ugric languages. The journal is open to contributions from anyone who may wish to submit. The only criterion for publication is the quality of the submission, which is decided on the basis of blind peer review (the names of the author and reviewer are both kept anonymous). The journal has an international advisory board. The journal aims to stimulate the study of the Estonian and other Finno-Ugric languages and to raise the standards of research for the discipline as a whole. The journal is available in print form and free of charge on the Internet.

Editors: Helen Plado (, Pärtel Lippus (, University of Tartu, Estonia

Editorial Address: ESUKA – JEFUL, Institute of Estonian and General Linguistics, University of Tartu, Ülikooli 18, 50090 Tartu, Estonia

Editorial Board:
Eva Liina Asu, University of Tartu, Estonia
R. Harald Baayen, University of Tübingen, Germany
Rogier Blokland, Uppsala University, Sweden
Riho Grünthal, University of Helsinki, Finland
Marja-Liisa Helasvuo, University of Turku, Finland
Tuomas Huumo, University of Turku, Finland
Ilmari Ivaska, University of Turku, Finland
Annekatrin Kaivapalu, University of Eastern Finland, Finland
Petar Kehayov, Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, Germany
Birute Klaas-Lang, University of Tartu, Estonia
Gerson Klumpp, University of Tartu, Estonia
Johanna Laakso, University of Vienna, Austria
Liina Lindström, University of Tartu, Estonia
Katalin Mady, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Hungary
Helle Metslang, University of Tartu, Estonia
Matti Miestamo, University of Helsinki, Finland
Nicole Nau, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, Poland
Karl Pajusalu, University of Tartu, Estonia
Renate Pajusalu, University of Tartu, Estonia
Jurgis Pakerys, Vilnius University, Lithuania
Helka Riionheimo, University of Eastern Finland, Finland
Fedor Rozhanskiy, University of Tartu, Estonia
Heete Sahkai, Institute of the Estonian Language, Estonia
Mari Uusküla, Tallinn University, Estonia
Anna Verschik, Tallinn University, Estonia
Virve Vihman, University of Tartu, Estonia
Eberhard Winkler, University of Göttingen, Germany
Jussi Ylikoski, University of Oulu, Finland

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Indexing and abstracting: Scopus; Linguistics Abstracts Online; DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals). ESUKA – JEFUL is included in ERIH PLUS.

Access: print and online (open access)

ISSN-L 1736-8987, ISSN 1736-8987 (print), ISSN 2228-1339 (online)

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